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– Sanford I. Weill

Benefits of Hiring a Freight Forwarder

In simple terms, a freight forwarder is someone who helps you sort out the logistical concerns for importing and exporting international goods for your business. This includes such services as tracking shipments, securing warehouses, and insuring goods, among others. Put another way, your freight forwarder is to your shipping needs what your wedding planner is to your wedding needs. They make sure that you’ve considered everything that needs considering, help you answer the questions you didn’t know you had, and connect you to all the right vendors to take care of business.

In this post, we’ll look at the top benefits that a freight forwarder has to offer your company.

Freight Forwarders Provide Savings

If you’re in the widget making business, you know everything there is to know about widgets. You know the right and the wrong ways to produce them, how to train your staff to build them, how to repair them—and, you know the best materials to use in order to save on production costs without sacrificing value. You know widgets, but you might not know a thing about the import/export trade. A Los Angeles freight forwarder, on the other hand, knows how to save you money through such tactics as negotiating pricing on containers, diversifying warehouse locations based on shipping trends, and leveraging relationships in the distribution market.

Freight Forwarders Reduce Internal Resource Load

International shipping, warehousing, and distribution is a complex problem to solve. If distributing in the U.S. is a headache, than international import/export is a full blown eyes shut, no sound allowed, sit alone in a dark room migraine. There is so much to consider when it comes to elements such as trade agreements, tariffs, restrictions, and shipping laws that trying to handle it all in house would put an incredible burden on your internal resources. Sure you might save a buck training your own staff, but think of all the time and energy lost on something that is very easy to outsource to a professional freight forwarding company.

They Make Your Job Simple

If you are turning your logistics over to a third party, you better not have to deal with any hassle. And that’s exactly what freight forwarders have to offer: hands off, hassle free international fulfillment services. Sort of. You see, your freight forwarder doesn’t actually do any of the shipping, warehousing, or distribution. Instead, they rely on a close network of partners in these industries to create a simple import/export process that leaves you in control of every shipment without ever having to handle them yourself.

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